Best Wedding Hair  and  Make-up

Wedding is all what we have on our card in every season but mainly in the summer hues and the winter blues. An auspicious day in one’s life which everyone wants to make a great grand success. A lavish and happening event but is usually without colors if there are no perfect interior decor with right bling’s or the proper food. The most important day for the bride and the groom so why they be left far behind in contributing towards it, the hairstyling and the make-up touch just says it all. But we also have many do’s and don’ts for an unmatched perfect occasion in our dear one’s lives as keeping them up to date with the latest trends so they do not lack behind in the styling or the beauty treatments.


With many precious love moments one is going to start their new life. Here we present some styling and make up tips for that graceful look.

  • Dress up your hairs: – The wavy or the curly hairs, the silky smooth long or the middle cut hairs or even the jazzy short ones of the males all have that style statement. A flower crown as a headpiece made up with your favorite marigolds or the roses or even the tiny white flowers are all there matching up your gown is a real-to-do style. The cropped cuts or that so current blunts for menwith a perfect shave or the neat beard.The braided style may be the simple fishtail pony or the French one is also a sure go ahead and even the high folded neat buns with hair accessories.
  • Glitters speak: The glow on the skin is also a contributing factor to make you a center of attraction girls and boys. So one needs to be much careful about the make-up you put up on your beautiful day. One needs that photogenic look to keep those memories forever so we need that radiant look, right! Following your stylists advice is a sure shot as for the brand you use like Redken Quick Dry and Tease, selection of the salon, your manicures and pedicures. The nail paint, the eyeliner, the mascara or the facials done to give that elegant grace, the lipstick allfor the women and much moreas you need to look gorgeous bride and a handsome groom from tip to toe.