Getting a Hair Perm from Best Salon

Have you tried getting a hair perm from best salon? What are the things that you need to consider before getting this service? How do you really get your hair attain its perfect texture in the process?

The best salon for your hair perm quest should actually know the type of hair every individual possess. The artist should know the different characteristics of hair texture that every salon expert needs to deal with in producing the best possible results.

Understanding the Basic Hair Types

There are 4 basic types of locks that you need to know before going for a perm. These are the straight, wavy, curly and kinky-curly locks. This section serves as your quick guide in knowing the type of hair you have and the way it relates to getting a perm hair for great results.

  1. Straight – This is the strongest among others. Straight hair gives your eyes that glossy appearance as it reflects light. However, this is curl-resistant and requires lots of chemicals for the curling process to proceed.
  2. Wavy – This may appear somewhat like straight locks yet with s-shaped curls or having slight bends down to its length. The wavy type of locks are prone to frizz and needs more care in getting perfect waves.
  3. Curly – The curls are visible on the entire length. Dryness, shrinkage, lacking in curl definition, and frizz are some of the tough issues here. Thickness of the strand vary from fine to coarse.
  4. Kinky-Curly – This is the most fragile than any other type. Shrinkage and dryness are the two constant problems here. This tight curls appear as s-shaped or z-shape or even both.
  5. Hair Texture Characteristics

    Texture pertain the individual strand’s thickness. A strand that is thinner than a piece of thread is considered fine hair. A strand that is thicker than a piece of thread is coarse hair. Hair texture comes in 3 basic types. These are fine, medium, and thick.

    Fine Hair – This can be easily damaged as it is the most fragile hair. This is light and oilier than other types. Possessing two layers, the cortex and the cuticle, volume becomes hard to attain here.

    Medium Hair – This is the most common hair type covering the scalp very well. Styling medium hair is quite manageable.

    Thick Hair –This is more chemical-resistant. Tolerating heat very well, it is breakage-resistant and takes longer drying time.

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