Great Hair Color Styles for Men and Women

Choosing the best color styles for men and women can be tough, tricky and challenging even for professional hair stylist. There are so many things they need to consider and the last thing they want to happen is giving their clients a color style that does not suit them at all. This is why it is also important for customers to know what style work best for them. Though it is good to heed your hair stylists’ advice, it does not hurt to be also aware on what looks good on you.

Whether you are re-styling yourself or your husband/boyfriend, it pays to know the best color styles for men and women that will instantly boost confidence.

Color Styles for Men

Just like for women, color styles for men are often dictated by their skin color or overtone. Other experts would suggest to also consider the eye color to get the most superb and alluring results. Men with medium-toned or neutral skin can sport any colors from blonde to neutral brown. For those who have warm skin tones, copper brown would look great on them. Men with olive or tan complexion can choose to color their hair with dark warm brown as it adds volume. Light-skinned men with cool undertones can opt for neutral dark blonde while those with warm undertones can choose warm dark blonde. The best hair color to choose that suits all skin color is chocolate brown. You can never go wrong with this color.

Color Styles for Women

Women are often the ones who constantly change their hair colors. Whether it is for fun or they want to look more sophisticated, women still consider their skin tone as the basis on what hair color to choose. Of course, there are those women who are more into wild, vibrant or neon colors but there are more women who want to play safe when it comes to hair coloring. These days, more and more women are experimenting with their looks. Since it is so easy to change hair color, they are not anymore afraid to try a whole different look. Some are doing with ombre color while others go for their favorite celebrity’s hair style and color. One of the trends now is going for highlights with a mixture of brown and blonde color.

With the numerous available hair colors these days, it is truly hard to decide on the best color styles for men and women. Though there are rules when it comes to hair coloring, you can actually have any color you want. You do not need to restrict your freedom of expression with these rules. Express your individuality by choosing not the appropriate but the best color that will help boost your confidence and show the real you.

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