Hair Braids for medium length hair

Every single advertisement on your television says love your hairs and we women surely do that too by trying conditioners and shampoos and other treatments to make them look elegant.  We also try for new hairstyles as the braids or the pony tails or hair extensions so that we can get that graceful looks. But sometimes we all think that as we do not have long length hairs we cannot try many styles on them and just have to let them loose freely or clip them or just wear a hair band. So, here’s something to tell you the stylish girls and women out there that yes, you can also rock on with the braided hairstyles too as the medium length is the perfect balance between the short and long hairs.

Jazz up with the braids

As the medium lengths are easy to maintain since they are not too short that you cannot try anything and even not too long that they can’t be maintained. So, let’s check out for the fabulous braided hairstyle which you can try on your silky tresses:-

  • Waterfall Braids: – This kind of hairstyle is incredibly stylish and super cute because it can be done on the sideways and gives an ample exposure to your shiny mane. You can try it in your school or if you are going out with your friends for a party, so that you can get compliments for your trendy looks.
  • Butterfly Braids: – Want to flaunt the butterfly looks than here are the braids which can be done in the form of knotting your hairs up and down in such a manner that it forms the shape of a butterfly and it can be done within the simple pony.
  • Tight Thin Braids: – A casual up do can also match with a tight thin braid because these modern braids can be done sideways to complement your looks.
  • French Braids: – This is the most popular style as many women like to tie the knots of the hair from the upper part of their head and slightly bring them down, as these are slightly thick above and are kind of thin below.

Simple and Sober Hairstyle

Braids also gives a simple and sober look to the face of a women as the ladies with the medium strands do not have to put an extra effort to ease their hairs so much before giving them a graceful look with the help of the braided hair style. It does helps you to look sober to the core as it reflects simplicity in your style and you can just match  up this hairstyle with any kind of wardrobe or for a party or even if you are going to office.