Hair Tips for Blow Dry Styling

Want to be at your best when going out for an official meeting or the party but will you really feel like going with those wet patches on your shirt and your hairs being in tangles as if you are straightaway coming right down from the shower. No, not at all, we all like to be presentable and be at our graceful part when meeting our friends or fellows in the office and even attending any official meeting because first impression does leaves a last impression on the onlookers.

So, for that the most important thing is blow drying your hairs in a right way before moving out so that they are settled firmly and you can carry on your job with utmost ease and in a comfortable manner without getting disturbed to set your locks in a correct manner.

Blow dry your tresses with these simple tips

You can give the most stylish effect to your hairs with the blow dry which is much easier to do away with before moving out of your house. But there are some hair tips which needs to be cater too when going for the stunning up do of your hairs. Have a look at some of the tips mentioned here:

  • Give a good hair bath:- As you set forth for the blow drying styling you need to wash them well with a moisturizing shampoo and a deep conditioner afterwards so that heat caused by blow drying does not have effect on your locks and while styling you get a nice straightening or curling up of your strands.
  • Dry them up with towel: – To stop the excess dripping of water from your hairs you need to soak them gently with the help of the towel and it should be look after that one should not be too harsh or fast on the tresses while rubbing them up. Just rub them in circular motion while squeezing the extra water out of them and leave a little dampness in them so that while using a blow dry it does not becomes frizzy. You can even divide them in various sections according to your hair length so that it becomes easy to blow dry them and people with long hairs can use clips to handle the sections.
  • Best technique:- Start with the top of your tresses and work it by moving them downwards as this will help in keeping the locks away from tangles and don’t overdo one section as the excessive heat may burn and damage the follicles which is not on your list for sure. You should also keep this thing in your mind that the dryer be kept six inches away from your scalp so that it does not takes away the moisture from your strands and they appear dull.
  • Shinier effect: – As you have finished up with your drying technique now give them a cold air by moving your hair brush firmly or you can just move the fingers with ease between your strands so as to avoid any tangles. For better options you can go for the smoothing cream or a serum which will work round the clock and here you are all set to rock.