Rock Your Curls with These Easy Hairstyles

When you have a head full of curly hair the heat can sometimes get the best of you. There are many great ways you can pull up those locks to help you cool down.

Double Braid

A super cute braid that is very versatile, wear this to the beach or on a casual date. First, you will need to pull your hair to one side and split the hair in half. With one-half, you will complete a fishtail braid and the other you will do a basic braid. Once you have completed both braids, wrap the basic braid around the fishtail braid at the height of your ear and secure using bobby pins. Remember, you can leave some loose tendrils falling out.

Photo Courtesy of Jim Dyson/Getty Images and Seventeen

A Twist

This is a perfect updo for a night on the town or a formal gathering such as a wedding. First, you will need to part your hair on the side, then divide the hair into two sections, twist each section toward the back. Once at the middle of your head, combine the twists together and use bobby pins to pin under the coil of hair. You can change the position of the coil on your head to a spot you desire.

Photo credit: Tim Corbett and Fitness

Sock Bun

You might have seen these large buns and wondered how to achieve this perfect look. It’s very easy and fun and all you need is a sock, scissors and an elastic band. First, you will cut the toe section off your sock and roll your sock up to make a bagel. Make a ponytail at the top of your head and place the ponytail through the hole of your sock, roll your hair and sock toward your hair, making sure the hair is evenly spread around the sock to hide it. Once you have rolled it to the top of your head with your hair wrapped around the bun, just use a little hair spray to seal the look. Leave a few loose curls hanging out around the frame of your face.

Photo credit: Mr. Kate

Undone Bun

The undone bun is a great party updo and takes only a few minutes. To achieve this look, just gather your hair as you would a pony tail high on your head. The final time you wrap the elastic band around your hair, leave the ends of your hair tucked into the elastic so it creates a small bun. Make sure you leave some loose strands around the face and add some cute barrettes to finish the look.

Photo credit Seventeen

Turban Time

Some days you leave the house with your hair down only to realize later that it’s a bit too hot. That’s when it’s time to use your turban to pull that hair off your neck. With your turban in place, grab your hair at the base of your neck and start twisting. Simply tuck the end into your turban and it’s instantly off your neck and giving you some much-needed relief from the heat.

Photo courtesy of Smile and Wave

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