Tips on Choosing the Best Hair Color and Covering

Many people believed that changing one’s hair color and/or covering is as easy as 123. Not many know that there are actually factors that need to be considered first in order to get the best results. Whether you are changing your hair color to a subtle shade or want to be more adventurous with bold colors, you need to know these factors and tips that will improve your look and enhance your features. Even a simple highlight can do wonders as long as you know what shade is great on you.

If you are new to hair coloring or you have done it a million times, read these Studio B Hair Tips to know more about hair color and how to achieve the best results. It is guaranteed that once you follow these tips, your hair will not only look good but it will bring out the confidence in you.

Know your Skin Tone
One of the most common mistakes people when they change their hair color and/ or covering is they do not consider their skin tone or color. You must know beforehand what colors accentuate your features based on your skin tone. Skin undertone is also highly considered. You need to know whether you have warm or cool undertone because choosing hair color based on this will accentuate your facial features and give dimension to your hair.

Know your Desired Result
You need to envision what kind of color you want to achieve in the end. You need to be very specific to your hair stylist if you want a full color treatment or just highlights. It is recommended for those who do not want to go far beyond their natural hair color to choose two or three complimentary colors to get the best results. Even a simple highlight can do wonders if you know what you want.

Duration of your Hair Color
You may need to tell your hair stylist if you want to have a permanent, semi-permanent or temporary hair color. With permanent, you may have to regularly visit the salon to have touch-ups while temporary hair colors are easily washed out with a shampoo.

Consider your Wardrobe
You do not want to have a hair color that clashes with most of your clothes in your closet. You may have to check your closet on what the colors of the clothes you mostly wear. Taking a peek at your wardrobe also gives you an idea on the kind of color that you love and that looks good on you. If your clothes are more in blues and greens then, definitely hair colors for cool undertones work well on you.

These are just of some of the tips that you need to consider before you change your hair color and/or covering. Just follow these and you will be more confident in sporting your new hair color.