Top Things to Know Before Dyeing Your Hair

Dyeing your hair for the very first time brings both fear and excitement to you. Some newbies try their first hair color from experts or highly reputable salons while others deliberately try the DIY kits they can purchase quickly at certain outlets. Whatever you prefer as a newbie or even for the usual hair color fanatic, mixed feelings of excitement and fear engulfs more on the DIYers than those who entrust their hair on the experts.

Here are the top things to know before coloring or dyeing your hair.

Considering Your Own Hair Color the Natural Way

Having a natural blond gives you the chance to use different colors than the ones with cooler starting hues. Ask your experienced stylist for identifying your natural tone. Having a virgin hair or if you want to try it for the first time actually means good news for you. This is because healthier hair yields better coloring results. So if you are planning to do it now, don’t hurry for an appointment yet. Start using deep conditioning treatments and prepare for a well-nourished hair a few weeks before your scheduled appointment.

Lighter Doesn’t Always Mean Better

Lighter shades are not good for everyone. If you are not sure of your own tone or desired hue, you better opt for the darker shades. Darker ones deposit color while lighter ones strips the color out of the cortex. Lighter ones bring harsher results and uses bleach as another harsher chemical producing further damage.

Get Color-Protective Products

Check if the conditioners, styling aids and shampoos you use are color-protective or especially designed for colored hair. These are gentler and contain essential fatty acids avoiding hair color stripping. High quality products are equipped with UV protectors that shields your locks from fading.

Know When to Condition Your Hair

You may be too excited about getting your hair dyed anew that you rushed to the shower to apply some shampoo and conditioner right after you went out of the salon. This will cause faster color fading.

The only thing that you can apply conditioning treatments as much as you desire is when you bleach. An average of one week for applying deep conditioning treatment is highly recommended. However, if you have dyed it on your own and you’re getting worried about its further damage, then you can apply deep conditioning treatment on a daily basis.